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2021 Recap

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2021 Recap

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Dany Paredes
·Dec 27, 2021·

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The 2021 year was good, professional, technical, and personal, but I'm 38 years old, so I can't learn too much stuff simultaneously. I'm learning slowly; similar to 2020, I'm only spending my energy on topics related to my job to make my life easy.

In 2021, my goals were:

  1. Embrace Angular and learn advanced topics
  2. First steps with Testing
  3. Head start with Docker
  4. Learn to swim
  5. Run more

Thanks to @thisisangular, Bezael Pérez, @thisislearning, Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen for trust and pushing me to continue writing and learning.

And special remarks to: @danidev, your professional advices, help me more than code, showed me a real admirable professional roadmap. You are amazing.

Alba Silvente Fuentes to inspire to continue moving forward and be better.

Jörgen to helping to code, listen, and be a great leader and taught me a lot about Angular and Typescript and building a great friendship on top.

@CarlosAzaustre to be more talk about than code, teach me about life balance.

Thanks for everything!

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