How to speed coding with 20 VSCode extensions

How to speed coding with 20 VSCode extensions

I'm VSCode fan, this is my 20 VSCode extensions in my workflow. A special description for my top 3.

1-TabNine is the most powerful extension for autocomplete and help with your code.

2-Abbracadabra: Amazing refactor helper.

3-SimonTest: the most powerfull helper for test generation


5-Error Lens (where is my error)

6-Preview webserver in VSCode

7-Live webserver

8-Live Sass compiler


10-Jest Test Runner in VSCode

11-ES6 Snippets

12-Hocus pocus (improve speed coding with typescript)


14-GitIgnore (allow add item to git ignore easy)


16-es7 react snippets

17-bracket pair


19-Angular Files

20-Angular Essentials

Photo by Sven Brandsma on Unsplash