May 2024: Angular, Performance, SSE, Gemini, Signals, NgRx and More

May 2024: Performance, SSE, Gemini, Signals, Angular and Swags and More

May has come to an end, and what a fantastic month it was! I had a great time learning about real-time apps, optimization, and NgRx. I also enjoyed working with Progress Telerik and Kendo UI learning about improve performance, build flexible components, and implement signals.

Let's take a look back at the highlights and fun moments.

🏆Trophies, Swag, and Stickers

First, I want to say thanks again to Kendo for the Champion trophy and the stickers, and Google for the Spring welcome pack with swag and a bag. 🥰😍!

✍🏼 Real-time SSE, Image Optimization, and NgRx 👇🏼

📖 🥷🏼DeferViews, Content Projection and Signal Inputs()

As always, I took time to learn with Progress Telerik and Kendo UI playing about improve the performance, building flexible components and move to input signals 👇🏼:

May was filled with writing and learning and more. Thanks to everyone for being part of it. Looking forward to more fun times ahead!