How to Get Cloud Skills As Frontend

Acquiring Cloud Knowledge as Frontend in 2023

I'm a Front-end Developer focused on Angular, Typescript, and Sass; during the last four years, I put all my energy into improving my Frontend Skills (Angular, NgRx, Testing, Sass) but without any effort to learn something about the Cloud.

Why don't I take care of Cloud? My previous front-end jobs with Angular, Rxjs, Sass, State Management, Testing, and Git skills solve all my work tasks and don't require any Cloud skills.

Also, I was working with DevOps, and he configured everything for me, so it is enough if I have basic docker skills.

The Change

But, Since 2021, my search results for front-end positions have required more than my current skills.

The job description adds the Nice to have part skills like CI/CD, AWS, Azure, Jenkins, and Cloud architecture.

If I want to be relevant in the positions, the Cloud must be part of my CV.

Here are some examples of jobs descriptions:

Bonus Qualifications
    Cross-platform web application development (Windows, Mac, Linux)
    Familiarity with CI/CD concepts and experience working with a deployment pipeline such as Jenkins
    Experience with AWS and Terraform
Bonus Qualifications
    Proven experience in GitLab CI/CD system to:
    Define a complete pipeline
    Generate changelog automatically
    Release multiple packages automatically
    docker container management in iCloud through an automated channel using Terraform
    Experience in frontend development, especially React
    Experience architecting, designing, developing, and implementing cloud solutions
    Understanding of CI/CD processes and tools (GitLab, Jenkins)
    Experience in Docker, Kubernetes
    Experience in Cloud Infrastructure

The Cloud is more than pleased to have; it is essential knowledge for developers. I need to be ready, not just write code with tests and push it to the repo.

Nowadays, with the Cloud and the infrastructure as code, it simply deploys and releases a product more than GitHub.

For example, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or Netlify enables developers to deploy your products quickly, so we are ready to do more than code.

Every product lives in the Cloud, so I must prepare to package, set up, and deliver our solutions.

If you have some years of experience, in the beginning, just by knowing some JavaScript/css frameworks, you can get a job quickly; later on, you must know about writing, testing, and using sockets to have real-time data.

Now I want to take extra steps in my professional journey; the Cloud and DevOps are the following challenges.

Can you survive without Cloud / DevOps Skills?

If I don't know Cloud, mean we don't get jobs? I want to ask you similar questions.

  • Can you get a job if you don't know how a unit writes tests?

  • Can you get a job if you don't know React or Vue to get a job?

Of course, you will get a job, but if you want great jobs highly valued by your company, add Cloud and DevOps skills to your CV.

Pick A Flavor

The Cloud has a similar situation to JavaScript frameworks (React, Angular and Vue) in Cloud. You have the top three horses.

Every Cloud has a path to learn, but most have similar services, pick which fits you, or you can put the skills to the test or get job offers.

The Cloud is a pandora's box; it has some areas or specializations like Cloud Administration, Cloud Developer, or DevOps.

Why Learn Azure?

Because I'm working in a consulting company, most of our customers work with Azure/DevOps; also, Azure is one of the top three cloud solutions for enterprise companies. Similar to Google and AWS, they have a certification plan, and many companies ready with the Microsoft ecosystem prefer to use Azure.

Because I don't know about the Cloud, my starting point is learning the fundamental points of Azure using the Certification Path AZ-900.

It covers the following points.

  • Cloud Concepts

  • Core Azure Services

  • Core Solutions and Management

  • Security and Network

  • Identity, Governance privacy, and compliance.

  • Azure Cost and Service Agreements.

All these topics are just the first step. I will write about each case in the blog.


You don't need to learn Cloud if you don't want or need it. It is a personal opinion about my future; I may be wrong.

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