How to Learn Angular 17 Features with

How to Learn Angular 17 Features with

Discover Angular 17 capabilities using

Angular 17 has been announced and is set to release in the upcoming days. It comes with a list of impressive new features, such as control flow, deferred views, hydration, server-side rendering (SSR), signals, and many more.

One of the notable releases is the new website for learning Angular, which consolidates all new topics in a single location,

The website is now live and offers a comprehensive collection of new tutorials and updated documentation, covering all the latest features.

The Angular team and the community have done an excellent job providing comprehensive guides with clear examples for each new feature.

Angular Playground

Experience Angular today without installing it on your computer:

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What about

If you are working with a previous version of Angular, don't worry, will continue to be maintained and supported. At some point, all information will be part of, but a specific timeline has not been confirmed by the Angular team yet.


It's time for you to learn and experiment with Angular 17 in the playground, follow the tutorials step by step, or explore the new API on your own.

happy ng update!