My Yearly Summary: 2022 Edition

A Summary of 2022 and Future Plans

The year 2022 is close to ending; it has been a fantastic year for my professional goals and family. I am 39 years old, so I have focused on investing energy in topics related to my job to make my life as a developer easier.

I want to use this post to thank everyone around me who helped make this year amazing, achieved goals, and assisted in overcoming the difficult moments.

Start 2022

I don't want to hide it, but the start of 2022 was not easy. Some issues with my eye laser surgery were a bit hard to handle, and it took longer than expected to recover.


In April, I started as Technical Writer for Kendo UI Angular.


Join the GDE Family as Google Developer Expert In Angular. Thanks to Bezael Pérez and GDE Community.


I started the blog focused on translating content from top community leaders to Spanish. Thanks to Tim Deschryver, Rainer Hahnekamp, and ManfredSteyer.


I start to learn more about @cypress component testing with the GDE and the great guy Jordan Powell and Bezael Pérez .



Summer time to Menorca with my family :)


I had the opportunity to have 1to1 online with Natalia Venditto. I learned a lot from her and got motivation and tips for my next professional steps.


Crazy month six talks talking about Angular, Qwik, and more.

Thanks to @Leifer Mendez, @RaymondCoplin @BezaelPerez @Angular Nation @Kevin Davila @AngularDominicana, Angular Adventures, Tony Recio and Travelport



Strong finish with @Leifer Mendez, @Dominicode, Dayern Gomez talking about Angular 15 and Developer life.


I want to thank everyone for helping me make this year amazing.


What In 2023?

I will focus on health, improve my cloud skills, and continue writing and talking about Angular.

  • Yoga

  • Azure / Google Cloud, Astro, and Advanced Angular topic.

  • Talks and Writer.

See you in 2023 :)

In 2022, I invested energy into topics related to my job as a developer, such as Technical Writing, becoming a Google Developer Expert in Angular, blogging, component testing, and giving talks. In 2023, I plan to focus on my health, improve my cloud skills, and continue writing and talking about Angular.