February 2024 Recap: IA, Community and Writing

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February 2024 Recap: IA, Community and Writing

February 2024: Breaking Down the Month's Notable Moments


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February was amazing and full of surprises! Let's go over the best parts and the fun projects I worked on.

Cheers from the Community

  • Big cheers: I became a #ProgressChampion! ๐ŸŽ‰ Thank you so much to Progress Telerik and Kendo UI for this big honor. It makes me really happy and keeps me going.

  • My blog got more than 500,000 views! It's awesome to see so many people reading my posts. Thank you, everyone!

Fun with AI

This month, I got to talk about artificial intelligence (AI) with Leifer Mendez in Madrid. We talked about how AI is creating new chances for us in tech, making things easier and more fun. We showed how to make a chatbot with Gemini, Angular, and Kendo UI and it was a lot of fun to share how these tools can do cool things.

Writing and Sharing

I wrote some neat articles about Angular and Kendo UI. Here's what I shared:

February was all about learning, sharing, and having a good time. Thanks to everyone for being part of it. Looking forward to more fun times ahead!